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Welcome to the West Lafayette Tree Friends website. In West Lafayette, Indiana we are a group of volunteers who are expanding and maintaining our city’s street trees, i.e., trees planted in the public right-of-way along city streets. Our purpose is to create and sustain economic, environmental, health, and aesthetic benefits in our West Lafayette community through planting and nurturing street trees (in a 2016 inventory, the city had over 9000!).

We work with the city government and typically complete one or two large planting projects each year and schedule fall and spring pruning programs. We also work with individual property owners to address any concerns they have with their street trees such as planting new ones, pruning, or tree removal when necessary. If you would like to have a street tree planted, or you see a street tree that needs pruning, seems sick, or appears to be dying (or dead), please contact the West Lafayette Tree Friends at city@wltreefriends.org. All Tree Friends initiatives are financed by private donations which may be augmented by funds from the city government and/or matching grants when available.

If you see us working about West Lafayette (look for our day-glow yellow vests), stop and chat. We work hard, but we have fun. We are always glad to talk trees.

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T R E E   T I D B I T

Even in death, trees offer us beauty. Shot in Hort Park at Purdue University.



The WLTF’s are honored to be 2018’s recipient of the West Lafayette’s Volunteer Recognition Award. In the past this award has been bestowed to individuals. But this year the City awarded this recognition to an entire group! We are so proud to have been honored as a group. We enjoy our “work” to prune, protect and plant our “friends” who give us such beauty, shade and fresh air.

Please read the following excerpt from Mayor John Dennis’ letter:

“Dear West Lafayette Tree Friends,

Citizens like you who tirelessly work to improve the quality of life for others benefit our community in many, many ways. I would like to congratulate the members of your organization on being selected as a 2018 Volunteer Recognition Award recipient.

The presentation of the award will be held at the 8th Annual City Summit. The City Summit will take place during the February 5th City Council Meeting at 6:30 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room at Morton Community Center.”


If you would like to be a part of future projects, make a donation, or attend a meeting, give us a call at 765-775-5160. Volunteers often help by…
• Planting
• Planning
• Mulching
• Watering
• Pruning
• Putting on tree sweaters (really!)
• Being a Tree Friends Member

Community members also support us by making donations (click the button above for info) and 100% of every gift we receive goes directly into planting, pruning, and protecting trees in West Lafayette’s urban forest.

Any help you give us will be appreciated and can make a difference; don’t forget…

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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