WLTF helping local merchants

Potential customers can’t see your business due to low hanging limbs?

Street tree limbs whacking customers and their cars?

Dead wood in your street trees make them unsafe and unsightly?

The WLTF Pruning Partners may be able to help at no cost to you!


If your work is within their scope, they can improve the visibility of your business by pruning trees to open up sight lines.  They can clean up low-hanging limbs that interfere with walkers or cars on your property.  They can make your business safer by removing dead or dangerous limbs.  Careful and informed pruning can also make your business more attractive to customers by making your street trees look neater and shapelier.  On top of all these benefits, careful pruning of trees encourages them to grow and helps them be healthy.   They become a better source of shade, help you have cleaner air, and reduce heat and wind around your business.  Your trees become an asset, not a nuisance.

The Pruning Partners are experienced in tree care and tree pruning.  If you would like a consultation, you can schedule them by contacting Bryce Patz, West Lafayette Greenspace Administrator, at 775-5170 or bpatz@wl.in.gov.  She will put them in contact with you to set up a time for them to come look at your trees, discuss with you the best approach to solving your tree problems, and then do what they can to address your pruning needs.

Here are a couple of examples of past projects to give you an idea of what the Pruning Partners might do for your business.  Pruning Partners helped out the River Market Apts & Shoppes (corner of River Road and State) by pruning 16 trees, clearing the business’s sightlines from State Street, improving the shops curb appeal, and helping the trees thrive. In addition, Pruning Partners stepped in to work with Town and Gown Bistro pruning four trees to open the business’s name so it’s easily viewed from North River Road and to improve the Town and Gown Bistro’s overall attractiveness.

We encourage you to give us a call to see if we can help.

Before pruning
vbs_post- trim
After pruning