West Lafayette Tree Friends - Palnters-Pruners-Protectors


Thank you for considering helping our cause and city.

You can donate any amount to our general fund and your gift will be used to help the West Lafayette Tree Friends purchase new and replacement trees, purchase or repair equipment for volunteers to use, and support the newsletter and website.

One option is to donate a gift to the Tribute Tree fund. This gift allows you to choose a tree to be planted as a tribute to a specific person or group. See the Tribute Trees tab at the top of the page for details.

Join these “tree-mendous” friends!

Don’t forget, donations of any size help the West Lafayette Tree Friends continue to make our urban forest and our city healthier and more welcoming. We can’t thank you enough for thinking of us.

Finally, if you choose to mail or drop off your donation, read and complete the brief form provided below.  Mail it to or drop it off at the West Lafayette Parks Department (in City Hall, 1200 N. Salisbury Street) with your gift.  Be sure to let us know on the donation form if you are giving your gift to honor a person or group (see the form link below).

Tree Friend volunteers masked for COVID19

Donate by mail using this form.

Credit card: You may use a credit card by donating in person at the Parks Department office or by donating online. To donate online follow these instructions:

Go to the Parks Department online payment site here.
Click on “Log In/Create Account”. You must create an account for this system if you have not done so.
After logging in, click on “Donations” on the right side of screen.
Click on “Tree Friends”
Click on “Add To Cart” even though you have not given an amount.
In the new screen, click on “Checkout” even though you have not given an amount.
Fill in the prompts for the
1. amount
2. whether it is for the general fund or for a Tribute Tree
3. If the donation is for a Tribute Tree, put the name of the person or group the tree is for in the box.
    Note: If your donation is for the General Fund, use this box to say “In honor” or “In memory” of someone or group.
4. Put your name and address in the last box. You can include your email address if you would like to receive our newsletter.

When done click on “Submit Responses”
Click on “Continue to Payment”
Complete the information and click on “Make Payment”

November 2019-October 2020 donors